How To Erase

Bad Memories

Online Seminar

8pm -30 May 2020

Would you like to format your old Memory and install a New Operating System in Your Brain ?

What You are going to Learn?

Learn to drop the baggage and give your life a fresh start by erasing bad memories?

Takeaways :

  • Do you have any Bad Memories that you would like to get rid of ?
  • Are you not able to come out of an Examination Failure?
  • Are you not able to cope with a Love Failure?
  • Did the memories of a family member’s death keep haunting you?
  • Are you not able to overcome a loss in a Business?
  • Are you not able to digest someone who cheated you or insulted you?
  • Are you overlooked for a promotion?
  • Are you not able to make a fresh beginning after that Insult or humiliation?
  • Are you not able to get rid of a childhood abuse or a molestation?
  • Is not able to  forget is your Problem?

Would you like to change your response to any problem?  

Then attend This 2 hours power packed ONLINE session from

Squadron Leader


President, World Memory Sports Council for India

Multiple Guinness World Record Holder

Life Coach , Memory Trainer & Motivational Speaker

how to forgot bad memories

online Seminar

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