Squadron Leader Jayasimha, The Founder President of Vision Toastmasters Club at 250th Milestone Meeting…..

“Vision Toastmasters” Milestone… 250th Meeting:

“Toastmasters” taught me speaking skills while I was in Bangalore as a Squadron Leader. It was my mentor Mr Kathiravan M Pethi sir (Kadri) who believed in me. When I moved from Bangalore to Hyderabad and wanted to pursue my career as a professional speaker, the first thought was to start a Toastmasters club in Hyderabad and that’s how “Vision Toastmasters” took birth. I planted the seed, nurtured it for a while and had lot of successful speaking sessions. However, it was Mr Deepak Mittal, Dr AVS Prasad, Mr Ajith Dembla, Mr Venkata, Mr Mubeen, Mr Sunil…. further took care of this seedling and made it to as big as we see today. Now, many people have been learning&fine tuning their communication and leadership skills at Vision Toastmasters regularly in Hyderabad.

Days rolled by… and on on 6th May 2018, Sunday we have had the 250th Milestone meeting and I was fortunate to be present, interact and share my thoughts with the members of the Vision Toastmasters. Felt very proud and privileged to see my idea turn into a real vision and bear fruits and makes a difference to the society today.

Felt very happy being there at the 250th meeting of Vision Toastmasters. I wish our vision toastmasters club will go places in times to come.

Besides, we have some very good news to share regarding promotion of Memory Sports in India.

  1. World Mind Education under the aegis of World Memory Sports Council for India had been conducting Memory training and local championships successfully with a huge prize money from summer 2018. We had been receiving great response from students and parents.
  2. Mr JSP Raj sir, the Chief Arbiter of World Memory Sports Council for India is really working hard to promote the Memory Sports in India along with me. My colleague JSP Raj sir is always cheerful, bubbly, full of enthusiasm, a great human being, wonderful trainer indeed. I am privileged to be working with him. I am sure the future of Memory Sports is safein his hands.
  3. The 9th Indian National Memory Championship is scheduled to be held on 14th October 2018, Sunday in Hyderabad, the total prize money is Rs 10 Lakhs. We have been having number of registrations from the top Indian Memory Athletes. Great response already and I am sure we will have a wonderful and quality Indian Memory Championship this year.
  4. World Memory Sports Council for India had taken up a case with the Government of India to add Memory Sports in the “Sports” category. The proposal is under consideration by the Government of India and soon we may hear the good news of Memory athletes getting recognition, sponsorships, reservation in academics and Government jobs as well.We are on the right track and momentum is growing. The credit should go to my Guru, Dr Francis Xavier for promoting this Memory sports in our country.
  5. Finally…..the ultimate happy news, “The World Mind Education” ..The finishing school…first of its kind in the India…is setting up its new office, training facility and will become operational by end of May 2018. Hence, regular training as well as weekly “Memory Club” would get started from 1st June 2018. All the budding memory athletes can take advantage of this regular training, follow up sessions and practice Memory disciplines by being part of the “First Memory Club” in the country.

As I look back, I have a nostalgic feeling.

We all get One Life and I believe in living it in full. From a tiny village to the lowest rank in the Indian Air Force, to being a high-flying Squadron Leader, to a professional soft skills trainer, to a motivational speaker, to be multiple Guinness World Record Holder,to be the President of World Memory Sports Council for India, it had been a long and beautiful journey and I thank everyone who had encouraged and helped to make me what I am today.

Interestingly, the game is not over yet as I am still batting…Looking forward for many more eventful moments in life in making a difference to my country…INDIA.

“One Life is Enough”… as the Almighty had been so kind.

Squadron  Leader Jayasimha… 9866018989

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Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the India’s leading trainer in Memory and Soft skills. He is the only Indian to hold maximum Guinness Records in the world (13 records). He has 21 years of rich experience in the field of Education, Training and Development in the Indian Air Force. He had won, “Sword of Honour” from President Sri R Venkat Raman for standing first in the Pilots’ Training at Air Force Academy. He had received many Awards / Medals including “Chief of Air Staff Commendation” for his exemplary service in the Indian Air Force. He is also the Graduate of Prestigious “Defence Services Staff College (DSSC)”, Wellington.

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