Practice…Practice..Practice – by Squadron Leader Jayasimha

Practice..practice..practice, because practice makes any thing permanent. Perfect practice gives us wonderful results. In Armed forces, it is said, “The more you sweat in Peace, the less you bleed in war”. In sports, the coaches say, matches are won or lost not in performance but in practice. Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India & Multiple Guinness World Record Holder explains this in this motivational video. You may contact Squadron Leader Jayasimha on +919866018989 or mail him at

About the Author

Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the India’s leading trainer in Memory and Soft skills. He is the only Indian to hold maximum Guinness Records in the world (13 records). He has 21 years of rich experience in the field of Education, Training and Development in the Indian Air Force. He had won, “Sword of Honour” from President Sri R Venkat Raman for standing first in the Pilots’ Training at Air Force Academy. He had received many Awards / Medals including “Chief of Air Staff Commendation” for his exemplary service in the Indian Air Force. He is also the Graduate of Prestigious “Defence Services Staff College (DSSC)”, Wellington.

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