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National Memory Council of India

Development from various dimensions is what enables the progress of a society. Building a better future generation is what is needed to reinforce step into a new zone of development. On those lines, Squadron Leader Jayasimha has taken an initiative to form a National Memory Council whose objective is to contribute to the mind development of the younger generation. Already well-established as a trainer, Jayasimha, the Octuple Guinness World Record holder, conducts public workshops on creative memory, art of parenting and life skills. With the National Memory Council, the vision is to reach out to a wider section of the society to create awareness and to communicate the need and significance of mind development.

India is the latest addition to the list of affiliate countries under World Memory Sports Council. And hence the council is young. The council is recognized and licensed by the World Memory Sports Council to now authenticate and publish the National Rankings in the Sport. The core committee is chaired by Squadron Leader Jayasimha. The Vice Chairman of NMCI is Dr Kranthi Raj.NMCI is now an independent body governing the mind sport of memory in Inida. It now regulates competitions throughout India and also provides training to anybody willing to take part in the competition. The body also assumes the responsibility of letting the sport permeate through the system, and to make this a brand vehicle to communicate to the world, the power of an Indian mind.

Squadron Leader Jayasimha's contribution to Indian Memory:
Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the first and only Indian with Octuple Guinness Book of Records in the World in the field of Memory. The Octuple Guinness World Records are

  • Memorizing 200 random objects on 28 Dec 2005,
  • Giving a continuous Motivational lecture for 120 hours from 24-29 March 2007,
  • Display of Photo flash Memory by remembering 20 Person's names and Dates of birth in 2 minutes on 27 Jan 2008.
  • Fastest time to type the Alphabet in 5.03 Seconds on 20 June 2010.
  • Largest Barefoot walk on 12 Nov 2010.
  • Memorisng 264 binary numbers in one minute on 8 March 2011
  • Memorising 152 colour sequence on 8th March 2011

The World Health Organisation's Report that Indians are Number one in Memory inspired him and he took it upon him to spread this awareness and train people all over the country. He has invented a special Memory Technique, “3 – Dimensional Memory System” by which he had trained more than 2 Lakh children and adults in 35 countries across the world. He says, Man is composed of 4 levels carnal, mental, intellectual and spiritual. To acquire physical perfection one has to keep good health. To acquire intellectual powers, one needs to improve mental powers. To get mental powers one should have good memory power. To be precise, if one applies mind through faculty of memory, mind assumes the dimensions of intellect. Once intellect comes into play over the awareness of higher things of life, spirit rouses itself and pervades into mysteries of the world. So, mental health is as important as the Physical Health. Exercising Brain muscles by learning Memory Techniques and participating in a National Championship of such a great magnitude would help develop a dynamic and vibrant India. It is to the credit of Squadron Leader Jayasimha that the National Memory Council has been established in the country and the First National Memory Championship was conducted on 11, Oct 2009 in Hyderabad.

  • First Indian National Memory Championship was conducted on 11 Oct 2009 at Hi-Tech City Hyderabad where 1500 competitors participated.

Memory bears a huge significance in our day-to-day life. Yet the need and significance of learning memory is not as recognized as it should be. Human ignorance and technological advancements contributed a lot to this phenomenon. However, it is beneficial to understand that the very process of learning is exclusively and directly dependent on experiences and how they are recorded in our memory system. It is therefore an imperative for us to study, understand and develop our mind.

This sport encourages the participation from wider network of social communities, especially the future generation-building educational institutions. The participants will be able to understand the various ways in which memory can be tested. This gives them an exposure to understand the functioning of their memory and can help lay a foundation to growth in that dimension.

National Memory Council of India on its formation has declared the conduct of India's First National Memory Championship - 2009 to showcase India's Brain Power. This is for the first time that a National Memory Championship – 2009 was  organized in India. This finals event was  held on 11 Oct 09 – Sunday morning at 8 am in Hyderabad. 1500 contestants from all over the country participated in this event – making it THE BIGGEST MEMORY EVENT EVER IN THE WORLD. Before the finals, various preliminary, qualifying rounds were held in different cities of the country.

  • The Second Indian National Memory Championship was held on 31 Oct 2010 at Hotel Fortune Select Manohar, old Airport, Begumpet, Hyderabad, where 100 competitors participated.

Indian National Memory Champion:
The Indian Memory Champion is the winner of the whole event, who would be the brand Ambassador for memory in the country for a span of one year, till the next event is conducted. Since this is the first event of its kind in India, Indian Memory Champion would be distinguished from that facet too. The Indian Memory Champion would subsequently become eligible to take part in the World Memory Championships conducted annually at selected global venues.

The Third Indian Memory Championship 2011:

The Aim:
The aim of this Championship is to spread the Mind / Memory awareness and prove the Indian Mind Power to the world. This will help students / adults learn and practice various memory techniques in their academics and in personal/ professional life. This would enhance the allround development of the country.

Different Events of the Competition: 2011

The Championship would be conducted in ten different events as listed below:

  • 5 Minute Binary
  • 15 Minute Numbers
  • 5 Minute Numbers
  • 5 Minute Words
  • 5 Minute Historic Dates
  • 5 Minute Names and Faces
  • 15 Minute Abstract Images
  • Spoken Numbers (2 Trials: 100 and 200 Digits)
  • 10 Minute Cards (As many packs as you like)
  • Speed Cards (2 Trials)

The Scoring System for the Championship:
There will be scoring for each event. The final Championship winner will be decided on the overall points scored after all the events. The competition will begin on 23 Oct 11 in Hyderabad at 8 am and would culminate with an award ceremony at 6 pm.

Who can Participate & How to Register?
The championship is open-to-all Indian Nationals to compete. Soon, NMCI would be reaching out to all schools/ colleges/ educational institutions to create awareness about the significance of memory and encourage people to take part in the contest. Registration forms will be made available at these institutions.

Authorized Training Centers:
Participation without preparation means no value addition. With an estimate that the contest would have two hundred trained participants, the contest would definitely be intense. Every participant is hence suggested to undergo training before taking part in the contest. The training is not only aimed at making a participant fare good in the standings published at the end of the event, but also at holistically improving the way the dynamics of the participant's mind work. The training services are available round the year and make them proficient at different levels. The participants are suggested to keep in contact with our authorized training centers to update their competencies regularly.

Jayasimha Mind Dynamics, an establishment by Squadron Leader Jayasimha is an authorized training center in Hyderabad. To avail the training services you may contact them at 309, Jalavayuvihar, Air Force Naval Housing Board, Kukatpally, Hyderabad -  500 072 (A.P.) on any of the following numbers: 99480 52678, 92461 50570,92463 52678, 98660 189898, visit www.jayasimha.in or e-mail to visionjay@gmail.com

More details can be had on www.jayasimha.in

Event Snapshot:

Date : 23 October, 2011 – Sunday
Time : 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Venue : Hotel Mari Gold by Green Park, Green Lands, Begumpet, Hyderabad
Location : Hyderabad
Event Closing Ceremony : 6:00 PM
Estimated Participation : 100 Participants from all over India
Estimated Turnout to the Ceremony : 300 including Audience


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