Memory and Speed Reading Workshops in Hyderabad Summer Workshops in April & May 2019

Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India and Multiple Guinness World Record Holder will be conducting Summer Memory workshops in Hyderabad.

Starting from 7th April there are 9 workshops planned for the convenience of students, Adults, Professionals, Teachers and Home makers.

The workshop schedule is as given below :

  1. First workshop – 7th April 2019 (Sunday) to 13th April 2019 (Saturday)
  2. Second workshop – 14th April 2019 (Sunday) to 20th April 2019 (Saturday)
  3. Third workshop – 21st April 2019 (Sunday) to 27th April 2019 (Saturday)
  4. Fourth workshop – 28th April 2019 (Sunday) to 4th May 2019 (Saturday)
  5. Fifth workshop – 5th May 2019 (Sunday) to 11th May 2019 (Saturday)
  6. Sixth workshop – 12th May 2019 (Sunday) to 18th May 2019 (Saturday)
  7. Seventh workshop – 19th May 2019 (Sunday) to 25th May 2019 (Saturday)
  8. Eighth workshop – 26th May 2019 (Sunday) to 1st June 2019 (Saturday)
  9. Ninth workshop – 2nd June 2019 (Sunday) to 8th June 2019 (Saturday)

The workshop will be of 7 days duration, daily 4 hours.

There will be Two batches daily. Morning batch is from 9 am to 1 pm and  the Afternoon batch is from 2 pm to 6 pm. Participants can attend any one batch of any workshop during this summer.

Workshop will be held at Jayasimha Mind Education, First Floor, Community Hall, Jal Vayu Vihar, Near Shiv Parvathi and Arjun Theatres, KPHB, Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 500072

For Registrations please contact 9885157228 or 8328258445 or 9866018989 or mail us to or visit our website

The topics covered/ Syllabus for the workshop :

  1. Learn to Memorise list of words through Creative visualisation method
  2. Memorising long answer/ essay questions and Speeches
  3. Memorising Numbers through Phonetic Method
  4. Memorising Historical Years, Constants, Constitution articles and any other text book related numerical data
  5. Memorising Definitions, Equations and Formulae
  6. Memorsing Science Subjects through Judicious Method
  7. Memorising Scientific terms, terms related Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Medical subjects
  8. Developing Concentration
  9. Overcoming Examination Fear
  10. Memorising English Vocabulary
  11. Memorising Periodic Table
  12. Memorising Map Pointing
  13. Memorising Countries & Capitals, Currency and Languages
  14. Memorising Vitamins
  15. Overcoming English Spelling Mistakes
  16. Alpha Mind Power
  17. Understanding the 10 disciplines of Indian and World Memory Championships
  18. Learning to memorise Names & Faces, Abstract Images, Binary Numbers, Colours, Playing Cards
  19. Learning Loci Method, Memory Palace Method
  20. Perfecting the PAO Method for memorising huge list of numbers
  21. Learning the basic concepts of Speed Reading
  22. Overcoming the barriers to Speed Reading
  23. Learning and Practicing Speed Reading Exercises / Strategies
  24. Doubling Reading Speed in one week
  25. Brain Gym Exercises to keep the brain always active
  26. Overcoming the absentmindedness
  27. Erasing Bad Memories
  28. How to Remember what we Read for a long time
  29. Study Techniques
  30. Training Sub Conscious Mind through Visualisation for Success

This workshop will be personally facilitated by Squadron Leader Jayasimha. For Registrations, You may contact 9885157228 or 8328258445 or 9866018989 or mail us to or visit our website

About the Author

Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the India’s leading trainer in Memory and Soft skills. He is the only Indian to hold maximum Guinness Records in the world (13 records). He has 21 years of rich experience in the field of Education, Training and Development in the Indian Air Force. He had won, “Sword of Honour” from President Sri R Venkat Raman for standing first in the Pilots’ Training at Air Force Academy. He had received many Awards / Medals including “Chief of Air Staff Commendation” for his exemplary service in the Indian Air Force. He is also the Graduate of Prestigious “Defence Services Staff College (DSSC)”, Wellington.

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