Memorising Random Numbers: The Indian Memory Championship – 2017

For the attention of all the Memory Athletes, the Indian National Memory Championship is going to take place on 15th October 2017 at Jal Vihar, Necklace Road, Near Tank Bund, Hyderabad. Registrations are going on at present. Those who are interested to participate and those who would like to undergo specific training for the Championship may contact Squadron Leader Jayasimha on 9866018989 or 8498005454 or mail at  alternately visit or  for registering online.

Having learnt earlier thee events for the Indian National Memory Championship, here comes the explanation for the 4th event, Memorising Random Numbers.

Here you will get to see numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 in different order. 20 numbers are presented in each row. Total 200 numbers are to be memorised in 5 minutes.

Rules for scoring / correction, the table is given at the bottom.

How to memorise the Random numbers : an explanation by Squadron Leader Jayasimha.

As you are aware, brain understand and processes picture language. When we say, “Dinosaur”, we automatically see the picture. When we say, “Tajmahal”, brain would automatically see the picture. When we don’t get any picture, we use our logical left brain to convert any world into a matching-matching picture and visualise. For example, “Hungary” has no picture. We convert that into Hungry. Similarly, “Antimony”, we convert that into a neighbour aunty with name Mona. This is how, we memorise cryptic, scientific, technical words.

But when we give a number 5 or 8 or 74 or 03, no picture comes.

In order to convert these numbers into pictures, we use phonetic method.

Phonetic method is a memory language based on sounds, which will help us convert the numbers into matching pictures.

This is also called a Major system of Memory.

Basically what we do here is each number, there is some equivalent sound.

We have to learn those sounds first.

For example,

1 –t, d

2 –n




6-Jh, Ch, Sh





These are called phonetic alphabets or sounds. These have been explained in detail in the book, Train Your Brain and Memory Power by Squadron Leader Jayasimha. You may get a copy of this book from Neelkamal publications, Hyderabad or you may order it online by visiting

Coming to the numbers, what we do is

When we get 1 means visualise Tie




6 – Jaw





So on we can convert any number into a picture.

If we have 45 – we get a picture Rail

32 – Moon,

09- Soap,





100- Disease.

We have to make pictures for every number from 1 to 100.

This would be sufficient for the National Memory Championship.

What we can do is make some permanent pictures for each number and remember them. We call these pictures as PEG WORDS.

When numbers are given in rows, what we need to do is each row, we have to associate with one person whom we know.

Imagine we have the following numbers in the first row:

5 1 6 9 3 2 7 8 0 4 9 9 2 6 0 9 6 5 1 0

What we should do is quickly take two numbers together and make a picture

51 – Laddu, 69-Jeep, 32-Moon, 78- Kaif, 04-Saree, 99-Baba, 26-Naach, 09-Soap, 65-Jail, 10-Dosa


Now first row you may associate with a person you know, imagine your mother.

Mother prepared Laddu, got into a Jeep, went to the Moon, there she saw Katrina Kaif, Wearing a Saree, One Baba came and he was doing Naach(in Hindi Naach means – dance), then he went and took bath with a soap, he was put in a Jail and was served Dosa to eat.

Once you get the story, you will be able to write the numbers back again in the same boxes.

It is very important that you not only remember the maximum numbers but you must remember them in the same order row wise. We get marks per row. One mistake or blank then we get only 20/2 = 10 marks, if two or more mistakes or blanks, you will get simply 0 marks.

Hence, this needs lots of practice.

Squadron Leader Jayasimha had taken it upon himself to train for the championship in order to raise the standard of the Indian Memory Athletes. Hence, September and October, there are day long training sessions happening depending upon your convenience in Hyderabad.

We have a specialised training session for the same from 10th to 14th September 2017 for those want to become a Memory Coach or a trainer and from 24th to 28th September 2017 if you would like to take up training for the championship in Hyderabad.

Right now, regular morning and evening batches for students and adults is also happening every day and weekends in Hyderabad.

So,you may contact, Squadron Leader Jayasimha on 9866018989 or visit and register for the Championship.

You may also watch the Youtube link


The Championship Rules for the Event 4 : Memorising Random Numbers is given below. Kindly go through the same.

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