Daily and Weekend Memory and Soft Skills Training Sessions in Hyderabad

Regular Daily and Weekend Memory and Soft Skills Training Sessions in Hyderabad by Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India &Multiple Guinness World Record Holder

For details please call 8498005454 or 9866018989 or mail us at visionjay@gmail.com or visit us at www.jayasimha.in

For the last few years, I had been conducting various Memory and Soft Skills training programs in various towns, cities, schools, colleges, and corporates including public programs across the country. In these workshops, the techniques that I had been training are the authentic, scientific, and prescribed in Memory books. These techniques are approved and accepted by all the Medical doctors, Memory athletes across the globe and ratified by the World Memory Sports Council. The very fact that I had made lots of Guinness World Records, few of my participants have gone on to become Memory Champions, Memory Trainers and achieved success in their academic, professional and personal lives as well goes to prove that these techniques are the only way for the students to easily remember and reproduce any text.

However, I am very frank to admit that my success rate in these workshops had been less than 5%. For the last few months I had been trying to analyse the reasons for this:

  1. Very few of my participants after learning these techniques went on to practice them, but many have faded away as they didn’t practice. I personally never had time to make them to practice these techniques in front of me. Hence, quite a few participants have gone back to their normal school methods and the benefit of these workshops was not felt by them.
  2. Some of the memory trainers who have learnt only little from me had been promising too much to their participants which they were not able to deliver. Since all these small time trainers, without any academic background and experience & commitment saw this as another business opportunity. I taught all these people how to do Memory Demonstration of numbers. Through this demo, false propaganda and so called gimmicks, they were able to attract people but not deliver the results. Also audience couldn’t see the difference between a genuine and fake. This has led to dissatisfaction among these participants and public in general.
  3. Some Parents thought whatever the problem be, sending a kid to a workshop is a one stop solution, which is not right. Sending them to a 4 or 5 days of workshop will automatically result in getting an IIT or MBBS seat, which doesn’t happen automatically. This had slowly and slowly led to some kind of disliking on the part of the parents and students.
  4. Those few participants who practicedthese techniques and achieved success in personal or professional life either remained silent or never gave credit to these workshops. They never promoted these workshops as they felt others might emulate their success if they learnt these techniques. Hence, no positive referrals by any one.
  5. The duration and timings of a public workshops is too short to train all the Memory topics and help students to make text book application of these techniques. Catering to Heterogeneous group of participant like students, adults, old people, and home makers became difficult for a trainer in the given time.
  6. Meanwhile, some schools / colleges and few teachers too have been discouraging students to attend such programs. As these educational institutions wanted to keep children with them whole day and any other training would hurt their ego. And hence no teacher would ever would attend any workshop or learn any new techniques.
  7. Most importantly, many couldn’t see the indirect and intangible benefits of these workshops and they wanted instant success of memorising everything instantly. The kind of promotion and publicity a physical sport like Cricket, Tennis or Badminton, Football or Hockey gets, Mind Sports is never encouraged or supported in India.

Frankly speaking, these workshops can never bea replacement for a teacher or a school, they are only going to supplement what you learn and understand in the school. But one thing is sure that these are the only methods which can help accelerate academic success or crack any competitive examinations with ease or produce a World Memory Champion or finally produce a mentally healthy human being.

Memory is a Skill and it needs practice to get it right. Like we learnt cycling, driving, swimming, new computer language, learning to use a Cell phone or a washing Machine, Memory also needs practice. Through proper practice, anyone can memorise large chunks of data. But to make this happen, we need a place, time and willingness to work.

Hence forth, at Jayasimha Mind Dynamics, we are going to re-define training by opening an institution which will nurture, groom make a child a champion in their chosen field and remove any such misunderstanding that people have developed about these kinds of workshops. It is like being with a kid for a longer duration to make a difference in their life and bring about academic excellence.

From Now, we have following training programs happen on every day and weekends in Kukatpally area in Hyderabad. These programs are open to small children, school and college students, those who are going for competitive examinations, adults, home makers, professionals, businesspersons and any one can wanting to learn and explore these techniques as long as they need.

These workshops will be conducted by Squadron Leader Jayasimha and a team of trainers who will work with you till you achieve the desired results.

The following are the list of programs:

  • Basic Memory techniques
  • Memory and Text Book application
  • Advanced Memory Techniques for Memorising Numbers, Binary Numbers, Playing Cards, Colours, Calendar, Periodic Table etc.,
  • Memory for the Indian National Memory Championship 2017
  • Memory for Competitive Examinations
  • Need Based Memory Training programs like business / profession
  • Memory for Setting World Records in any field.
  • Speed Reading Workshops
  • Speed Mathematics Workshops
  • Hand Writing Workshops
  • Public Speaking Workshops
  • Rubik’s Cube Workshop
  • Mid Brain activation
  • Personality Development Workshops
  • Personal Counselling Sessions
  • Train the Trainer Workshops
  • Motivational Seminars


For details please call 8498005454 or 9866018989 or mail us at visionjay@gmail.com or visit us at www.jayasimha.in

About the Author

Squadron Leader Jayasimha is the India’s leading trainer in Memory and Soft skills. He is the only Indian to hold maximum Guinness Records in the world (13 records). He has 21 years of rich experience in the field of Education, Training and Development in the Indian Air Force. He had won, “Sword of Honour” from President Sri R Venkat Raman for standing first in the Pilots’ Training at Air Force Academy. He had received many Awards / Medals including “Chief of Air Staff Commendation” for his exemplary service in the Indian Air Force. He is also the Graduate of Prestigious “Defence Services Staff College (DSSC)”, Wellington.

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